The appearance of St. George, patron saint of the hosts of Moldova, at the Battle of Vaslui January 10, 1475.

80х60 см,
oil on canvas

This event occurred in January 10, 1475, near the town of Vaslui, near the bridge over the river Byrlad as ruler of Moldavia Stephen III the Great won another victory over the turks, having broken invincible until 120,000th army of specially trained turkish soldiers, the peasant army 40,000th , 5,000 sekou (hungarians) and the 2,000 polish mercenaries.

The turks, taken prisoner, told us that "during the battle on a white horse raced unknown and elusive warrior with a spear. Fearless and invulnerable, he boldly rushed into the fray and penetrates the whole series of enemies, knocking the ground with corpses ...". These features Stephen III and his men guessed who was in the victorious battle their mysterious ally, and therefore glorify God and His wondrous saint George.

Before this battle, as well as before each of the battles for independence and prosperity of Moldova, Stefan III prayed often and long before the icon of St. George, who was in his mother's cell. With its small military force, he asked for help against the enemies of the Cross of Christ.
According to legend, after the night prayer came to him in a vivid dream he St. George in armor, heroic. Stephen III asked the saint to strengthen his faith in order to defeat the enemies of Christianity, which destroys God's temple.
St George said it would be next to Stephen III during a battle with the turks, but Stephen must take an icon of the mother in a fight that she was inspired by the very visible presence of Stephen and his retinue of small. St. George offered Stefan satisfy one more condition - at the end of feats of arms to update Zograf monastery, and the very icon of the left in the same monastery on Mount Athos, where dwells the Holy George.

After completing military exploits, Stephen III the Great in performing a vow, put a miraculous image of the monastery, and updated all the monastery buildings Zograf. He left here and banners with the image of the saint, other precious relics of his army.





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