Malo mori quam foedari.
Father and Son - The last defenders of the city Rasnov in Romania.

60x50 cm,
oil on canvas

Malo mori quam foedari (Latin) - better death than dishonor or honor, more precious than life.

The painting was Establishing a tragic story ABOUT ONE Italians OUR CONTEMPORARY, LOVE IN ROMANIA AND ITS HISTORY.

He took no one needs at that time the fortress Rasnov in rent and was ennoble her. But when the results of his labors are bearing fruit as stretched in Rasnov tourists, the city administration has found some loophole in the contract, sued the Italian and won, returning himself restored to his money fortress. The Italian was unable to survive such treachery and died and his successors continued to plead with the administration Rasnov, defending his truth and honor of his father.

About Fortress:

Fortress Rasnov (rum. Rasnov, it. Rosenau, Hung. Rosznyo) is on top of the mountain, which rises 200 meters over the same city.
Rasnov, like many cities in Transylvania, founded by German settlers and is about 15 km southwest of Brasov, and about the same distance from Bran Castle, at a trade road between Wallachia and Transylvania.

Although the documents Rasnov fortress was first mentioned only in 1331, it is assumed that it was built in the period from 1211 to 1225 years. Teutonic Knights, at that time ruled Burtsenlandom (rum. Tara Barsei, historic area in southeastern Transylvania), after the first raids of the Tatars, to protect local residents.
So this is the so-called "Peasant" fortress. It differs from most of the forts and castles that its purpose - to be a haven for ordinary people during the long-term sieges. In the fortress there were at least 30 homes, a school, chapel and other buildings, more typical of ordinary village. The city walls that have polygon shape, reaching a height of 5 meters. The eastern and north-western sides of the wall was double. The castle was 9 towers, 2 bastions and a drawbridge.

Fort fell only once: in 1612 besieging her Prince of Transylvania, Gabriel Bathory managed to find a secret route by which the fortress was delivered water. The combined forces Rasnov Brasov and made two attempts to return the castle, but they both failed. As a result, was paid a ransom, and the troops left Bathory Rasnov.
Since the route of delivery of water to the fortress was no longer a secret, it became necessary in the source water inside the walls. Given that the fortress is on top of the mountain, which meant that it was necessary to prodolbit more than 100 m in the rock.
According to legend, to dig a well in the center of the fortress made of two Turkish prisoners captured earlier. They promised to grant freedom as the only task will be executed. Work began in 1623 and took 17 years, but then the captives still killed. This is the deep well in Transylvania, its depth - 143 meters. It was used until 1850, until it broke down lifting the wheel. Several years ago, the well was cleaned and repaired. Last stronghold under siege in 1690 during the last Turkish invasion in Transylvania. In 1718 she was badly damaged by fire (for the next year she was rebuilt), and in 1802 - from earthquakes. Last fortress was used as a shelter in about 1848 during the revolution, and then was abandoned altogether.
Now the fortress restored and opened to the public. There is now a museum (the interior look like a maze), which can be seen found during excavation of household items, weapons and torture instruments, coins and even ancient tomb.



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