God's ways are inscrutable.

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The source of this aphorism are the words of St.. St. Paul: On the depth of the riches and wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable His and unsearchable His ways! (Rim.11: 33).

Apostle astonished majesty and wisdom of Divine Providence, which is incomprehensible to human ways of leading mankind to Him from the beginning intended purpose. "On the ways did not say: incomprehensible, but: unsearchable, that is, they can not even be investigated. His path, then there are ways of homebuilding, not only can not be grasped, but even investigated, that is impossible to even see a trace of (blazh. Theophylact). Slavic word inscrutable means "unutterable words", "unspeakable."

On the ways of Divine Providence, we know the extent to which the Lord reveals to us for our salvation. Anything beyond that, hidden in the infinite wisdom of God. "They say that Abba Anthony, once cast in a bewildering depth of God's dispensation (world governance) and the courts of God, prayed and said:" My Lord! Why do some men reach the age and condition of weakness, others die in childhood and live a little? Why do some poor, others rich? Why tyrants and evildoers prosper, and the abundance of all earthly things, and the righteous oppressed plagues and poverty? "How long he was occupied with this thinking, and came to his voice:" Anthony! Give heed to yourself and do not expose your study of the fate of God, because it is spiritually harmful "(Otechnik).

In our century, when humility is a rare virtue, and often meet people who confidently assess the ways of the Lord. This comes from the latent or apparent pride. "The poor curious about the depth of God's destiny, for curious floating in a ship of pride" (St. John of the Ladder).

Ieromonah Job (Gumerov)



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